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To better educate the public with respect to the proper use and storage of firearms, specifically handguns, thereby, not allowing any unauthorized person(s) {ESPECIALLY CHILDREN} to gain access.

Bullets never miss, they ALWAYS hit something and every shot is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!


Mr. Payne,
 I want to thank you for your CHL course! You are with out a doubt a cut above the rest! Your knowledge,experience,and insight,regarding all aspects of carrying a concealed hand gun,gave me not only the information needed,but also a reality check! I will recommend your class to anyone wanting the best CHL training there is!!! You came highly recommended to me,thru military and law enforcement friends,but I must say after attending your class,once again,you are a cut above the rest!!! Thank you sincerely for what you give!
--Wallace K.

You teach a great class! Your experienced background definitely has a positive influence on the class. You do a good job answering questions and fully explaining things.
–Mike P.

I recently received my concealed handgun license certification from Mark Payne of On the Mark. Mark is knowledgeable, passionate and a gifted teacher. Mark is also very funny and a pleasure to be around. Despite being flooded with allot of information in a short amount of time, Mark clearly communicated the course that anyone could comprehend. His background in law enforcement is valuable. The nuggets of information I gained from his training and experience is potentially life saving. I highly recommend On the Mark to anyone looking to receive their concealed handgun license certification.
–Ashley Langford, Corinth TX


We would like to thank you for the very interesting, informative and professional Basic Gun Course you conducted for my son and I last weekend. We strongly urge all parents of appropriate age kids to consider giving their children the knowledge, safety information and skills you taught to our son.

As parents we know that it is highly likely that someday, our son might inadvertently come into contact with an untrained person in possession of a firearm. Perhaps one of his friends inappropriately "showing off" one of his parent's hand guns or rifles. We are proponents of private gun ownership but realize that unless the person holding the gun has the proper knowledge and skills for safety, our son could be in danger in what seems to be an innocent event. We understand that the responsibility is ours, to provide our son with the proper tools to make him safe in the presence of an untrained gun handler. That's why we enrolled him in your course, to let him learn from a highly skilled professional trained to teach others in correct fashion.

Thanks to your course, at the young age of 13 our son now has a sound basic understanding of how guns work, how to handle and "not to handle" guns, and was able to achieve some level of proficiency on the range in loading and firing in a proper, safe manner. Not only are his skills and confidence levels higher but we as parents have peace of mind that he knows exactly what to do in the event he encounters a gun in the wrong situation.

I highly recommend your course and look forward to attending your Concealed Handgun License (CHL) course in the very near future.

Thanks again Mark for the interesting and fun class!

K. Mason
Shady Shores

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your CHL renewal class that I recently took. I found the combination of your prior Police history/knowledge extremely insightful and very helpful for me to include in my daily life, as I carry (and hopefully never have to use) my concealed weapon. And, it’s greatly appreciated that you are willing to share your own personal Police experiences/knowledge with your students, so that we may benefit from them as well. You are very nice, polite, easy to work with, willing to accommodate anyone/everyone, and genuinely care about your students and it shows. I highly recommend you to everyone that I know/meet. I look forward to working with you again in the future!!!

Have a Fantastic Day - Sharon


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